March weather brings out Climate Boogie Men

Late last month I predicted that the warm March in the USA would become fodder for the global warming crowd even though the warming trend being seen in America didn’t exist anywhere else.  March statistically was an average month.

Monday, April 9, 2012 — The  AP ran a story titled –-Start of 2012, March shatter US heat records.  Here is the link to the story.

The first quarter of 2012 was extraordinarily warm in the 48 contiguous USA states because of a La Nina event.  The article provides some interesting data that supports the notion that this event is unprecedented in climate history…and then the boogie men arrive.

Everybody has this uneasy feeling. This is weird. This is not good,” said Jerry Meehl, a climate scientist who specializes in extreme weather at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo.

At the end of the article is a section blaming everything on global warming.

They seem to be falling far more often because of global warming, said NASA top climate scientist James Hansen. In a paper he submitted to the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and posted on a physics research archive, Hansen shows that heat extremes aren’t just increasing but happening far more often than scientists thought.

What used to be a 1-in-400 hot temperature record is now a 1 in 10 occurrence, essentially 40 times more likely, said Hansen. The warmth in March is an ideal illustration of this, said Hansen, who also has become an activist in fighting fossil fuels.

I  found the article interesting.  Wow March was one odd month in a small part of the world, the contiguous 48 states and more specifically the eastern half of the country.  Add Canada and Alaska to the regional mix and the data changes significantly…but this really was  the winter that wasn’t in the Eastern USA.

The article is full of SWAG.  Lots of scientists guessing about the significance of an event.

The end of the article offers a glimpse into the prejudices of the author.  It spends a bunch of time setting up the notion that Dr. Hansen is an expert in the field…and he is, but it does so dishonestly and it’s done with just one word.

Dr. Hansen has become an activist.  Give me a break.  Dr. Hansen has been the premier activist in the USA since the 1980’s.  He is featured in Al Gore’s film.  He testified at an Al Gore global warming dog and pony show when Mr. Gore was a Senator.  He is famous for his inflammatory remarks belittling climate skeptics.

He didn’t become a climate hawk recently.   He has been an advocate of a specific position for a long time.  He is a controversial character.  The word become makes the reader believe that Dr. Hansen has been converted from a different view, that he has changed his mind.  It makes him more believable.  It’s a small change, but not an insignificant one….and it’s not true.


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