Surprise — Record Cold in Anchorage

I fully expect global warming doomsayers to show up at any moment.   It has been a warm summer in much of the USA.  I am here to offer comfort to those of you expecting doom in the immediate future.

It’s been  cold in Anchorage, Alaska.  Really cold.  Record setting cold.   According to the Anchorage Daily News, the first 13 days of July have been the coldest in history (or since 1915 when they began taking records).

Life guard Lori Jones is on duty at the empty swimming beach at Goose Lake on Friday, July 13, 2012.

 Alaska is a big place….and we are part of the USA, so we are going to mess up the statistics. Eventually our weather will change, it will get warmer here and colder somewhere else.  But the USA including Alaska is less warm than you might think….when it’s all averaged together.

Every time I think about the world’s temperature….I wonder how they do it.  Warm in the lower 48 states of the USA with temperature data everywhere, not so many sites in a colder Alaska.  Lots of sites in Europe, not so many in Africa.   Less than 20 temperature sites in the Arctic Ocean, only 8 south of 60 degrees south latitude.  It has got to be the ultimate wild ass guess.

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