Patrick Moore Interviewed on Fox Business

Yesterday, Melissa Francis  of Fox Business News interviewed Patrick Moore.   It’s worth a look.  I like what Dr. Moore had to say, but the interview could have been  better.

Ms. Francis made no effort to conceal her opinions.    She began the interview by pointing out that Antarctica used to be tropical and that this simple fact proves that the conventional wisdom (personified by the the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is wrong.   Dr. Moore is a scientist, and as a scientist, he clearly felt the need to soften her positions a bit by introducing words like probably and may into the discussion.

The interview would have been better if Ms. Francis had asked simple direct questions and let her guest speak.   He did a better job of summarizing his positions than she did.

Ms. Francis made the same mistake pro global warming advocates make every day.   Natural climate variation makes predicting climate very difficult.  The existence of variation doesn’t prove anything.  Too many climate scientists (the IPCC does this every day) assume recent climate variation proves they are right.

Natural climate variation makes predicting climate, and man’s impact on that climate. extraordinarily difficult.   Anybody that thinks they know the answer needs to study the science a bit more.

Dr. Moore, a former Greenpeace activist turned skeptic, was able to make his points.  Points like

  • Some warming is probably good, Siberia and Canada surely will benefit
  • natural climate variation must still be going on, any assumption that natural variation is not important is probably wrong.
  • man made climate variation is probably happening, but the impacts are probably less than climate hawks predict.
  • 30 years of Arctic data is a very small data set.
  • Arctic Ice is shrinking, but Antarctic Ice is growing

I left the interview dissatisfied.   Think how much better the interview would have been if Ms. Francis had left her opinions in the dressing room.

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