Climate Change vs Global Warming

In the beginning….say 1985…. there was global warming and it was bad. Global warming has become a shortcut term for a warmer Earth; an Earth headed for disaster in the near future because of fossil fuels being burned by man.    In 1998 the warming of the Earth slowed a bit….and we all started worrying about Climate Change, and a second buzz word was created.

Whenever I see an article about the impacts of our changing climate I react and react in an odd way. I assume the article is about the ills of man caused climate change.   No mention of carbon is necessary.   The link is so firmly established that it is assumed.

We all must give credit where credit is due.  Al Gore, James Hansen and the IPCC have won the PR battle.  We all are using their language and their interpretations of that language.   Why must climate change be man caused and bad?  Why is natural climate change good and man caused climate change bad?

The world is warming for a whole bunch of reasons, some are man caused, some are not.  Some changes are good and some are bad.  So far at least, most of the impacts have been good.  If the Earth was a degree C colder,as it was in 1800, we would have difficulty feeding our population.

We all assume the terms Global Warming and  Climate Change mean man caused warming that is having a negative impact on society… before we start to read any article with Climate Change or Global Warming  in the title.

Congratulations Al.

One response to “Climate Change vs Global Warming

  1. Really enjoyed this article, can I set it up so I get an email sent to me when you make a fresh update?

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