Solar Power at Logan Airport

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been traveling.   I’m a big fan of travel.   I like the exposure to new places.   I’ve been bouncing around New England (with a side trip to Ohio).  Some areas  looked similar to parts of Alaska…but it’s definitely a different place.  The differences are part of why I like to travel.

Some differences were expected some were surprising.

While sitting at my departure gate at Boston’s Logan Airport, I was constantly reminded (via the airport speaker system) that Logan is the 3rd greenest airport in the country.   Everyone at the gate area got to hear about CNG transportation vehicles, LED lighting, excellent mass transit access and plug ins for the planes.    Impressive.

I then looked out the window and saw something I didn’t expect…solar panels on the roof of a terminal building.   Solar panels in New England….it reminded me of Germany.

In 2011 I visited Germany.  I was amazed by all the Solar in Germany, it’s everywhere.   Germany has no local  alternative.   Natural gas must be imported…and it is expensive.   Germany is stuck.  Sure, solar is expensive and inefficient, but at least it’s domestic.

Boston has options. The city is about 500 miles from one of the biggest natural gas fields in the US, the Marcellus Field.   A cheap alternative is  close by.

I didn’t see Solar anywhere in Boston except at the airport.   Solar is a bad energy choice for Boston.  Natural gas is clean, cheap and available.

Environmental politics in action….and we all pay for it whenever we fly into Logan Airport.   Airport improvements are paid by the airlines via landing fees so the cost of those solar panels is included in your ticket price.


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