David Brooks blames Al Gore incorrectly

I just finished reading an editorial in our local paper written by New York Times columnist David Brooks.   Green tech has gone grey with bad investments and resurgent oil and gas supplies is an interesting article chock full of tidbits about the politics of climate change.  It’s worth a read.

I knew Al Gore got rich touting green energy, but $100 million dollars rich, wow!   Companies Al Gore has been associated with have garnered $2.5 billion dollars in federal subsidies, more wow.   I knew Mr. Gore did well financially, but I really had no idea how well.

The article recognizes the polarizing impact Al Gore has had on the debate, but the opinion piece gives him too much credit.   Sure Al makes lots and lots of mistakes that give his opponents cover, but he has not acted alone.    He has had help, and lot’s of it…..from the global warming is bad and it’s mans fault science community.

Al Gore did turn me into a skeptic, but not because he is polarizing politically, but because he is a bad spokesman scientifically.    Before An Inconvenient Truth, I was a casual believer.   As I watched the film I became more skeptical.    The film was cute, clever, emotional and entertaining…..and a mess scientifically.

I checked out the IPCC reports, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and James Hansen.  I watched videos critical of climate science and read article after article on the internet.    The more I read the clearer it became….this is an extremely complex scientific problem with many many interdependent variables and lots of unknowns.    My opinion became what it is today…..the science does not support any position at this time.   SWAG and WAG are everywhere.

The IPCC basically takes 150 years of weather….and uses that data to predict climate centuries into the future.   I’m sorry, wild extrapolation about the weather is not an exact science.  Sure it’s warmer and man may play a part….but it’s impossible to accurately predict what that part could or should be  until we know a lot more about the sun, clouds, aerosols, soot, climate cycles and the oceans.

Sure Al Gore got me hooked with his film…but the bad science kept me going.   If Mr. Gore had simply done a bad job of presenting the science…I would still be a believer.    I am a skeptic today because of the bad science….not because Al Gore is a bad spokesman.


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