California Dreaming — Don Quixote would be proud

Earlier today I was browsing at the Forbes web site when I tripped across their list of the 20 dirtiest cities in America.  Cleveland made the list, just barely.  Six cities in California made the top ten.

So I thought… a perfect time and place to complain about global climate science.  It doesn’t sound like they are related but they are.  We are spending billions, perhaps trillions worldwide to try to control climate and we are failing.  Perhaps that is not the best use of funds.

California is spending a huge amount of money to try to get the state to use renewable energy for 20% of its needs.  Everybody in the state gets to pay for it in higher utility rates.   Businesses relocate. Energy use goes down and unemployment goes up.  Utility rates go up even more to make up for the lost marginal profit no longer generated by the businesses that have moved to other states.

Every week China opens a new coal fired power plant that more than makes up for any carbon dioxide saved in California…and then they use that dirty cheap power to manufacture stuff that gets imported into California.

If I lived in

  • Fresno (#1 on the forbes list)
  • Bakersfield (#2)
  • Modesto (#5)
  • Riverside (#6)

I would hope for a different set of priorities in Sacramento (#12 on the Forbes list).

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