More Hawaii Electric Car Silliness

In my last post I opined that Hawaii is a particularly bad place to use electric cars.   Yesterday I got yet another reminder that politics does not require either a rational reality or economic justification, just Federal dollars.   I have yet to meet a politician who would not advocate silly things….in the pursuit of US Treasury funds.  Federal money is often looked upon as free money.

I visited the downtown Honolulu Schwab Office.   The adjacent parking lot (that charged $3.50 for a half hour) was fairly full so I had to drive around and look for a spot.   The first section of the lot had no available spaces….except for 2 spaces reserved for electric cars.   It was an electric car charging station.

It turns out Hawaii requires electric charging stations in large parking garages as a part of their goal to become less reliant on oil.  A place that creates electricity using oil is in the forefront of the electric car business….and the Federal Government is paying for it.  GO FIGURE.   This downtown office building could not have possibly used Solar or Wind power generation so anyone that used the charging station was using oil to create electricity to be used in an auto instead of using oil directly as gasoline.  Guess what, your tax dollars have funded much of the program.

Hawaii politicians are so proud of this program, they have created a dandy booklet that explains it all called  Hawaii EV Ready.  And the Feds paid for the booklet too.

2 responses to “More Hawaii Electric Car Silliness

  1. Man I really need to let you know that the information you are putting out here is really dangerous. I know you don’t believe in climate change or the danger of it, but it’s real and when you put this kind of information out there you are really being dangerous. Please stop and take a look and analyze what you’re doing. I don’t care if your views don’t hurt other people, but this one does.

    • Dangerous. How is this dangerous? How does this view hurt anybody? Please explain.

      I like electric cars in lots of places….just not Hawaii. Hawaii has very specific power generation problems. They make their electricity by burning oil. Any place that gets it electricity by burning oil or coal should not as a public policy support electric car use. The air pollution at the power plant more than offsets any pollution saved at the car. In Hawaii, a Nissan Leaf is worse on the environment than say… a Civic hybrid or a Hyundai Accent or the Nissan Altima I was driving. And it is a waste of money.

      You said I don’t believe in climate change….and I’d have to agree. I don’t believe anything one way or the other. I want climate decisions to be made based upon the science, not no any belief structure. Yes the world is warming, some is natural and some is man made and it’s really difficult to accurately predict which is which. And so far at least the warming has not been harmful.

      Yes, it is prudent to try to limit Mans impact, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves either. Natural events have the ability to overwhelm every mistake Man has made in our short time on earth….and lesser and more frequent natural events make accurate prediction very difficult.

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