I was born in California, grew up in Hawaii and have spent most of my adult life in Alaska.  I love to travel, have visited every state except Alabama and Mississippi, tent camped across Canada, worked in Argentina,  and visited much of Europe and briefly visited Asia and Africa.

I  have been trained as an civil engineer, and worked in operations at the utility division of independent oil company.   I have some utility executive experience,  and have knowledge of the oil and gas business.  My approach to problem solving is analytical.

I am sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative and always skeptical.   After viewing Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth, I became  concerned  about global warming science as demonstrated by the film.   I wondered how a self promoting pseudo-scientific political commercial had become so popular.

Al Gore’s film turned me into a climate skeptic.





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  1. Thanks for writing your thoughts. So many people just believe what they hear without questioning.

    Have you ever listened to a radio broadcaster in MN on 1500 espn, Joe Soucheray? His show is called Garage Logic. He also believes Global Warming is over played. You can catch it on-line weekdays from 1:-3 central time. You might appreciate it.

    Also, have you seen the “earth from space” documentary? Very interesting, 2 hour piece about all the information provided by satellites in space.

    After watching, it occurred to me that if the satellite data can provide such accurate visuals of so many of earth’s variables, then why could it not show carbon emissions and their correlating effect on temperatures? Perhaps because there is no direct correlation – as your data suggests.

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