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Climate Change — It’s everywhere

Earlier this evening I read a BBC article about trees in East Anglia killed by a sudden rise in sea level some 7,000 years ago.

A few weeks ago I was reading an article in Live Science discussing the sudden changes in climate in the Sahara.   About 10,000 years ago the Sahara ecosystem changed when rain patterns shifted.   For about 2500 years the Sahara got lots more rain than it gets today…and then it stopped.

Some scientists believe that a severe drought about 5000 years ago caused Egyptian society to move up the Nile from Giza when the Nile no longer reached the sea.   And then the water returned.

Perhaps 1,000 years ago the Mayan’s civilization came to an end presumably because of a severe drought.

We live in an extraordinarily peaceful time climatically, the Holocene.    The last 11,000 years or so have been remarkably stable.     The easiest way to demonstrate this is to look at an ice core.

The Holocene has been a good time to be a resident of Earth.    East Anglia flooded and the Nile stopped flowing and the Mayan culture ceased to exist, but it could have been much worse.

Just imagine what the world must have been like 130,000 years ago  when the world temperature dropped 10 degree C in a mere 20,000 years.   235,000 years ago the climate dropped a similar amount in only 10,000 years.

Warm is good, cold is bad….just something to think about while your reading the latest IPCC boogie man reports.