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Milky Way and Andromeda to merge

I just finished a BBC article titled Hubble times galaxy pileup

In about 4 billion years the Milky Way will collide with our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. And 2 billion years later there will only be one galaxy.  Scientific study is a curious occupation.  Scientists are discussing events that will happen in 4 to 6 billion years.   The article is full of interesting information and this curiously amusing reassurance:

Our Sun’s position will be disturbed but the star and its planets are in little danger of being destroyed.

I suppose that is true….but in 4 billion years the sun will be a red giant, Mercury and Venus will have been consumed by the Sun and the Earth will be so close to the Sun that it will have no atmosphere and be unbearably hot.  But it won’t be damaged by the galaxy collision.   Go Earth.